Take one Veg

a cookbook by Georgina Fuggle

I had the privilege to work on an amazing project last year. Having shot lots of commercial work over the past few years, this was the first feature cookbook I've ever been involved with. 

I got to work with one of my oldest friends on this project. Georgina has creativity like no one else I know. She is so talented and I am so touched she wanted me to be a part of her journey with this book. I loved every second and we all pushed for this book to have a more modern feel. It was great being a part of a team and pushing myself in something that I've always wanted to do. Thank you Georgina and Kyle books for the opportunity. I am so proud of what we achieved - and the recipes are delicious! 

Have a look through a selection of images on this page or buy the book and all of its delicious recipes here!

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