Happy Anniversary

one year on

Happy Anniversary to these two. What a day and what a couple. 

  • black and white image of Bride and Groom by Tori Hancock Photography

Annabel + Wesley Preview

godwick barn wedding

Always fun shooting your first wedding of the year - and if Annabel and Wesley are anything to go by I'm in for another epic year. I love a late winter wedding. It was a little chilly but we smiled through the cold and played in the fields. The whole day was perfect and Godwick Barn provided the perfect backdrop. Looking forward to sharing more but for now here's a few sneak peeks.

  • Godwick Barn Wedding

Naomi and Andy

a bath city wedding

A magical wedding set in the heart of my favorite city. A family and a Bride and Groom who I know will now be forever friends. A simple pub reception that makes you proud to be a part of this magical green land we call home. It was just the most special day for so many reasons. Full post coming soon! 

  • wedding shoes lined up
  • Bridesmaid dress
  • Bride getting ready at dressing table
  • Bride and father leaving family home on wedding day
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Nick + Ruth


Dancing on dunes with Nick and Ruth was magic. A handmade wedding in a sleepy Norfolk costal village with a friend who you hadn't seen for 22 years. 

  • Bride and groom on norfolk dunes
  • norfolk wedding photograph of bride and groom in Dunes
  • rustic colourful bridal bouquet
  • black and white image of bride and groom in dunes
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Me and My boy

personal post

Celebrating 5 years with my man. We've had the hardest year a couple could face and I couldn't be more thankful for him.

This is a photo taken at my best friends wedding. A day after our anniversary. I think it sums us up pretty well. 


  • Tori and Oli

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