A little bit about me. My loves include my husband, family and beautiful friends, my little dog Dave, eating and enjoying food, any song that makes me dance, walking, simple, clean modern design, woods, moody skies, baking and making, blogs, reading, laying in the grass and giggling.

For as long as I can remember photography has been apart of my life. My passion started whilst taking photos with my Dad, fascinated by the click and feel of his old Olympus OM2n. When I was 10 he set up a dark room in a spare bathroom at home. We used to spend hours in there bringing our photography to life; most of which still adorns the walls at my family home.

Since 2006 my husband and I have been running our design agency, PFD, in Norfolk. My primary role within the company has been a product and interior photographer, with a bit of lifestyle photography thrown in. As a side-line I began to document my life through photography on my personal blog, Wellies and Vogue and in the five years I've been writing it my passion for photography has exploded. In 2014 I shot my first cookbook Take One Veg and I continue to work on commercial projects.

My style focuses on humour, emotion and beauty and is a blend of documentary, fine art photography and photojournalism. I love to get those unique portraits, teary eyes, and fun candid moments. If you're getting married and think you might be interested in me discreetly documenting your special day, why not get in touch. Likewise, if you want to capture some memories of you and your loved one(s), or have a business that you want to be photographed, feel free to drop me a line.

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