Number Three

commercial project

So I do alot of creative commercial work. I work alongside a design agency that I set up with my husband 9 years ago. It's fun working with a design agency as I get to be involved in so many creative projects as well as working with some incredibly talented and interesting people. I tend to focus on photography and art direction, which were both a key aspect of this project for Number Three in Bath. Oli and I did all the creative direction as well as giving them a beautiful, responsive website. The website is very image heavy and the brand elements are stylistically very minimal.

Feel free to take a look at their website to see my images and how they've been used. If you have ideas of images you or your buisness need get in touch! Also if you want to have a cracking website designed and built I can't recommend PFD more!

  • Number three image

Love in a garden

Zoe and Mike Preview

So when you start a blog you have to start somewhere.. and I've decided to start here. Hello! well I am having an amazing summer. I've met and photographed some incredible weddings and I've still got loads to go.

I'm dying to show you some new galleries but right now it's all about wedding editing and driving around the country - hence a new space to upload a few images here and there. I also wanted a space to share a few of the other bits I've been up too - but more on that later.

For now I leave you with 3 images of Zoe and Mike in a garden.

  • bride nd groom in flower garden
  • black and white image of bride and groom in garden
  • bride and groom in english flower garden

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